Sunday, 7 January 2018

Once more with feeling

Spent a little bit of time over the holidays working on Dune, but mostly did some armour studies and unrelated stuff to give things a rest. Stoked to start back up on Dune over the next three months though!

armour study

armour study

bird girl doodles


Wahey I've been up to some things

started my grad project concepting out Dune this year, managed to sketch out heads for most of the major characters and some props:

Great Houses Iconography

Baron Harkonnen


Princess Irulan

Jessica Atreides

Pardot Kynes

Duke Leto

Liet Kynes

Piter de Vries

Emperor Shaddam IV

Dr. Yueh


Liet's hare pin

Ended up looking back at it and while I like some elements I was most unhappy with the style--I'd like to lean away from a cartoony style and have something a bit more realistic. Gonna try chipping away at that next, as well as start on some of the creature, environment and vehicle design.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Harpy Concept and A Heck of a lot of Bird Anatomy

All the bird anatomy stuff has led up to this!

Final Harpy Concept

Head Detail

Initial Head Sketch & Inspiration

Front of Wing Details

Back of Wing Details

Skin Pass

Skeleton & Muscle Anatomy
I'm really stoked on the result, and learned so much in the process! It was a bit of a compromise attaching a human head to a bird body--since birds don't have sternocleidomastoids or a trapezius, which are fairly defining for human necks, I agonized a bit over adding them. Ultimately I felt it was important to blend the human head with the bird body (keeled sternum, rigid shoulder blades) so I needed just a bit of human anatomy to make that organic.

I feel like I've come away a lot more comfortable approaching bird and bird-hybrid anatomy :3

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Been digging into bird anatomy lately, here's some feather pattern studies & a comparison between arm anatomies

Random Sketchess & things

Here's a bunch of random work over the course of July:

I did some logo design work for my pal Cameron over at Ranged Touch

Some process work on the logo

Logo Banner

Final Logo

some pose sketching

and learned how to make cloth in Blender so I can use it for reference :)

Not Dead Yet

HI It's been a while!

Did a whole whack of commissions to try to make some extra summer cash, here they are in no particular order:

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Gurney Book Club Week 6 & Other Studies

Some more colour and lighting studies this week, out of my comfort zone:

Did this study of Tom Van de Wouwer's work, looking at what happens when two coloured lights are simultaneously lighting a surface. Also trying out a more brushy um.. brushwork

I never paint environments, and I actually think I'm starting to enjoy them! This one was focusing on using warm and cool colours in a painting, although I think I could have pushed the clearness of the shadows more.

Some practice rendering fabric and form, in monochrome

First painting in a long time that wasn't just at study! Quite proud of that hand painted wood ^_^

 A Loish study, I've always admired the way she uses limited but super punchy palettes.

Discovered Anatomy360 and downloaded the Head Pack! Super impressed so far.

Some sketches done to study lighting

Also! been doing some 3D modelling in Blender for work:

Last but not least, I was really mystified by this breakdown of a horse's walk, so I decided to hand-animate it to try to visualize it more easily for myself:

AND I think I've finally settled on my grad project idea: Dune. (and House Atreides). So you'll be seeing a lot more of that soon. Here's a first pass at Jessica and Leto!